JetDrive JetDrive 8

Your hard drive always at optimal state

If your computer starts to run at a slower pace than it used to, it may be due to many reasons. The most common one though is having a fragmented disk. View full description


  • Defrags both the whole drive and specific files
  • Generates report after the work is done


  • The interface is too heavy on resources
  • Animation effects can't be disabled
  • No defrag schedule
  • No possibility to turn off PC after defrag


If your computer starts to run at a slower pace than it used to, it may be due to many reasons. The most common one though is having a fragmented disk.

You can easily solve this situation with a disk defragmentation tool like JetDrive. This application analyzes and defragments your hard drive, organizing information in such a way that it's much easier and faster for the computer to access it – and thus optimizing the overall system performance in a quite noticeable way.

In addition to a general defrag tool, JetDrive features a precise defrag utility that enables you to work with specific files, and also a cleaning tool with which you can erase temporary files and recover disk space.

Also, after the defrag is finished, the program creates a complete report about it.

On the downside, I missed having the possibility to schedule defragmentation and being able to switch off the computer after finishing the job.

Also, I found the interface to be resource-consuming and even a bit naïve: I don't need to have an animated puppy on screen while defragmenting; it reminded me too much of that awful Microsoft dog that appears in the Windows embedded search tool.

JetDrive is a standard defragmentation tool that doesn't really offer any extra features. In all, it's another choice you have when looking for a defragmenting tool.

JetDrive defragments, cleans and boosts your system!

JetDrive is an easy to use disk optimization and defragmentation suite that can not only defrag a hard drive, but with a number of unique benefits and features to further improve a system’s efficiency. If the user is short of time and needs a quick fix, JetDrive’s Fast Defrag will defragment the Windows core files only, resulting in as much as 90% of the performance boost in only five minutes.

Automatic or Manual:

JetDrive defragments your hard drives manually or with an automatic process called AutoJet. Defragmentation couldn't be easier.

Defragments your Registry:

JetDrive defragments all hard drives, single files and even the Windows Registry with a special registry defragmentation algorithm.

Checks your Drives for Errors:

JetDrive recognizes errors in your hard drives, and can even detect and fix errors automatically if you prefer.

JetDrive defragments your hard drive. It does a far better job than Windows Defrag and -- depending upon the condition of your hard drive -- can result in a 20% gain in performance.



JetDrive JetDrive 8